RO tennis splits wins with SWV

Red Oak’s Braden Woods secured the only win for the Tiger boys on Thursday, April 14 over Southwest Valley. He is pictured above earlier in the season. (Charm Carpenter/The Red Oak Express)
SWV’s number one spot Charlee Larsen returns a volley in the windy competition on Thursday, April 14, in Red Oak. (Charm Carpenter/The Red Oak Express)

The Tiger tennis teams were swept by Kuemper to open the week, both teams falling 8-1.

The girls fell on the road, with Tessa Rolenc earning the sole Tiger win at the three spot, defeating Jordan Schwabe 8-2.

Singles: Sam Tidgren (K) defeated Merced Ramirez 8-2; Alyssa Brant (K) defeated Jessica Lukehart 8-3; Sophie Rohe (K) defeated Anna Grizzard 8-5; Ella Schwarte (K) defeated Grace Wingfield 8-4; Keziah Jansen (K) defeated Abigail Johnson 8-6.

Doubles: Tidgren/Schwabe defeated Ramirez/Rolenc 8-6; Brant/Rohe defeated Lukehart/Wingfield 8-0; Schwarte/Jansen defeated Grizzard/Stephany Ramos 8-6.

Red Oak’s only win came from Brett Erickson at the number two spot as he defeated Jared Hausman (K) 8-2.

Singles: Sam Jensen (K) defeated Max DeVries 8-0; Josh Langel (K) defeated Braden Woods 8-3; 4- Hans Kraus (K) defeated Joshua LeRette 8-0; Jake Hausman (K) defeated Nolan Perrien 8-3; Max Reincke (K) defeated Sebastian Vasquez 8-0.

Doubles: Jenen/Jared Hausman defeated DeVries/Erickson 8-2; Langel/Kraus defeated Woods/Perrien 8-3; Jake Hausman/Reincke defeated LeRette/Vasquez 8-2.

In JV action Red Oak’s Landon Gigstad went 1-1 on the night. Gigstad defeated Carter Allman 6-2, and fell to Jared Craig 6-1.

Southwest Valley

Red Oak split with SWV on Thursday, April 14, as the Tiger girls blanked SWV and the Tiger boys fell 8-1.

Girls: Ramirez defeated Charlee Larsen (SWV) 8-0; Lukehart defeated Alana Drake (SWV) 8-0; Rolenc defeated Anjali Kathikar (SWV) 8-0; Grizzrd defeated Ryanne Mullen (SWV) 8-1; Wingfield defeated Lexi Weston (SWV) 8-2; Stephany Ramos (RO) defeated Karissa Richey (SWV) 8-0. Doubles: Ramirez/Rolenc defeated Drake/Kathikar 8-0; Lukehart/Grizzard defeated Larsen/Mullen 8-2; Winfield/Ramos defeated Weston/Richey 8-3.

On the boys side, Red Oak’s number three Braden Woods earned the sole Tiger win defeating Owen Paul 8-1.

Other results: Gabe Fuller (SWV) defeated DeVries 8-1; Evan Timmerman (SWV) defeated Erickson 8-0; Slate Goodvin-Kinnaird (SWV) defeated LeRette 8-3; Parker Boswell (SWV) defeated Wemhoff 9-8 (8-6 tiebreaker); Logan Westlake (SWV) defeated Perrien 8-6. Doubles: Fuller/Timmerman defeated DeVries/Erickson 8-0; Paul/Goodvin-Kinnaird defeated Woods/Wemhoff 8-4; Boswell/Westlake defeated Perrien/Landon Gigstad (RO) 8-5.

JV: Gigstad fell to Deacon Ganfield (SWV) 5-6 and defeated Matthew Means (SWV) 6-0.

Red Oak boys compete in Lewis Central tomorrow at 1 p.m.

Both Red Oak teams are in action on Friday, as the boys travel to Audubon and the girls host Audubon beginning at 4:30 p.m.

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