Nick’s Picks vs. Charm’s Credence

Nick says:

Well, Scoop has a reason to be proud, though because she’s a cat, her normal state is disinterest. Anyway, somehow, through her paw picks, we’re in sixth place in the group. 

I guess I’ll have to keep the partnership going at this rate, I’m pretty sure that I haven’t finished higher than last in any of the times we’ve gone before, so having Scoop on hand to make the picks has definitely been the ace up my sleeve this season. 

Of course, we still could end up last, but it would be very hard. I guess we’ll see what the final portion of the season has in store. 

Chicago/Detroit: Scoop is standing by the Lions. 

Las Vegas/Dallas: Random paw selection picks the Raiders. 

Buffalo/New Orleans: Saints. 

Pittsburgh/Cincinnati: Scoop stands by the Bengals. 

Tampa Bay/Indianapolis: Buccaneers. 

Carolina/Miami: Of course Scoop is picking Panthers. 

Tennessee/New England: My pick is the Titans, of course. 

Philadelphia/N.Y. Giants: Eagles, Scoop thinks. 

Atlanta/Jacksonville: Take a wild guess. Jaguars. 

N.Y Jets/Houston: Texans. 

L.A. Chargers/Denver: Chargers. 

L.A. Rams/Green Bay: Rams. 

Minnesota/San Francisco: Vikings. 

Cleveland/Baltimore: Ravens. 

Seattle/Washington: Seahawks. 

Charm says:

If I was not such a loyal gal, I would definitely not pick the Rams to win. They are coming off of their bye week, thank goodness!

Since everyone is asking me what happened (probably to get a rise out of me), I will just pretend ya’ll really care and answer with my own analysis.

1. Stafford needs to quit trying to “Mahomes” it. Quit trying for the big play!

2. Reeder can not seem to match up well with any RB. 

3. Our Oline is old. Let’s face it, as much as I love Big Whit, he needs to retire. I have not seen the blocking that needs happen from Oline, hence pressuring Stafford to “Mahomes” it.

4. Bobby Trees is missed more than anyone (except me) thought he would be. Afterall, we have Kupp, Van Jefferson, Ben Skowronek, and Tutu, plus we just acquired OBJ. Many believed that OBJ could immediately replace Bobby and all would be as good or better than it was. WRONG! Remember at the beginning of the season when I told Coach to give Bobby Trees more attention? Remember when Coach listened and took my advice and the Rams went on a four game winning streak? (9 catches for 112 yards, 2 TDs in games 1-3; 30 for 382 yds, in games 4-7).

5. Turnovers and dropped passes! Two interceptions and five dropped passes? Holy cow! No one seemed to be able to catch well. Again, Bobby has some soft hands and only dropped three passes in his 69 times as target this season. This injury hurts!

Predictions in bold:

Chicago @ Detroit

Las Vegas @ Dallas

Buffalo @ New Orleans

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

Tampa Bay @ Indy

Carolina @ Miami

Tennessee @ New England

Philadelphia @ NY Giants

Atlanta @ Jacksonville

NY Jets @ Houston

LA Chargers @ Denver

LA Rams @ Green Bay

Minnesota @ SF

Cleveland @ Baltimore

Seattle @ Washington

Horns up, Ramily!!

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