Red Oak tennis teams net opening season wins at home

 Red Oak’s Anna Grizzard, playing at the number three position, won her opening match  over Addee Murray of Lewis Central on Monday, April 4, with aggressive play. Grizzard finished the week 3-0 in singles.
Red Oak’s Brett Erickson, competing at the number two spot on the boys team, was the sole winner in the match against Glenwood on Thursday, April 7, at the Montgomery County YMCA. Erickson defeated Carter Kirsch 8-1 to open his season 2-0 in singles.

Red Oak girls tennis hosted Lewis Central on Monday, April 4, earning their first win on the season with a 5-4 victory.

In singles, Jessica Lukehart, Anna Grizzard, and Tessa Rolenc earned wins. In doubles, Merced Ramirez/Rolenc and Jessica Lukehart/Grace Wingfield earned wins.

Single results: 1- Lanee Olsen (LC) defeated Ramirez (RO) 8-6; 2- Lukehart (RO) defeated Oasis Opheim (LC) 8-3; 3- Grizzard (RO) defeated Addee Murray (LC) 8-4; 4- Rolenc (RO) defeated Mallory Kjeldgaard (LC) 8-4; 5- Alexis Opheim (LC) defeated Wingfield (RO) 8-4; 6- Brooklyn Damgaard (LC) defeated Abigail Johnson (RO) 9-7. 

Doubles: Ramirez/Rolenc defeated Olsen/A. Opheim 8-1; Lukehart/Wingfield  defeated O. Opheim/Murray  8-3; Kjeldgaard/Damgaard defeated Grizzard/Johnson 8-4.

Red Oak JV singles: Stephany Ramos won 6-4; Kayden Wingfield won 6-0. Recording losses were Lindsey Porter, Aedynn Graham, Josie Rengstorf, Hailey Rydberg, Prashna Bell, and Taylor Bennett.

JV Doubles: Ramos/K. Wingfield won 6-2; Graham/Rengstorf won 6-0. Recording losses were Porter/Rengstorf; Graham/Rydberg; and Bennett/Bell.


Red Oak hosted Creston girls and boys on Tuesday, April 5, due to inclement weather and swept the Panthers.

Red Oak girls defeated Creston 9-0.

Girls singles results: Ramirez defeated Morgan Driskell (C) 9-8 (7-2); Lukehart defeated Halle Evans (C) 8-4; Grizzard defeated Caitlin Bruce (C) 8-2; Rolenc defeated Jenny Li (C) 8-1; G. Wingfield defeated Josie Mahan (C) 8-2; Johnson defeated Brooklyn McKinney (C) 8-1.

Doubles: Ramirez/Rolenc defeated Driskell/Evans 8-2; Lukehart/G. Wingfield defeated Bruce/Mahan 8-1; Grizzard/Johnson defeated Sasha Wurster/McKinney 8-2.

Red Oak boys opened the season with a 7-2 win over the Creston Panthers. 

Boys singles results: 1- Max DeVries (RO) defeated Avery Fuller (C) 8-4; 2- Brett Erickson (RO) defeated Conner Wiley (C) 9-8 (7-4); 3- Braden Woods (RO) defeated Braeton Rinner (C) 8-3; 4- Joshua LeRette (RO) defeated Carson Cooper (C) 8-1; 5- Jonah Wemhoff (RO) defeated Isaac Shields (C) 8-2; 6- Luke Tebbenkamp (C) defeated Nolan Perrien (RO) 8-1.

Doubles: DeVries/Erickson defeated Fuller/Wiley 8-5; Woods/Wemhoff defeated Rinner/Cooper 8-6; Shields/Tebbenkamp defeated LeRette/Sebastian Vasquez 9-7.


Red Oak hosted Glenwood on Thursday, April 7, splitting wins with the conference foes.

The girls were scheduled to play in Glenwood, but both teams played in Red Oak due to the weather.

Tiger girls remain undefeated, winning 8-1and falling at the number one spot only. Red Oak boys fell 8-1, winning at the number two spot only.

Girls singles results: Coral Matheny (G) defeated Ramirez (RO) 8-2; Lukehart (RO) defeated Riley Wiese (G) 8-6; Rolenc (RO) defeated Camryn Mullanix (G) 8-0; Grizzard (RO) defeated Jasselyn Wallis (G) 8-0; G. Wingfield (RO) defeated Chelsea Vang (G) 8-0; Johnson (RO) defeated Cora Pestel (G) 8-0.

Doubles: Ramirez/Rolenc defeated Matheny/Wiese 8-2; Lukehart/Stephany Ramos defeated Mullanix/Wallas 8-6; Grizzard/G. Wingfield defeated Vang/Pestel 8-0.

With the loss to Glenwood on Thursday, Red Oak boys finished the week 1-1.

Boys singles results: Tyler Harger (G) defeated DeVries 8-4; Erickson (RO) defeated Carter Kirsch (G) 8-1; Ben Batten (G) defeated Woods (RO) 8-3; Brody Taylor (G) defeated LeRette (RO) 8-2; Kayden Anderson (G) defeated Wemhoff (RO) 8-1; Liam Hays (G) defeated Perrien (RO) 8-4.

Doubles: Harger/Kirsch defeated DeVries/Erickson 8-3; Batten/Taylor defeated Woods/Wemhoff 8-5; Anderson/Hays defeated LeRette/Landon Gigstad 8-2. 

Red Oak girls host Southwest Valley on Thursday, April 14, and the Tiger boys travel to Corning to take on the Timberwolves. Both matches begin at 4:30 p.m.

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