ROCDC receives $50,000 Houghton bank donation

Abigail Sherman

Special to The Red Oak Express

Thanks to Houghton State Bank (HSB) Red Oak Child Development Center (ROCDC) continues to make substantial progress towards its $1,000,000 fundraising goal.

HSB, a long time Red Oak business, is another one of the ROCDC’s initial investors with a donation of $50,000. This local bank has a long history of supporting projects and up and coming businesses in the community. HSB has taken special interest in the ROCDC because of the positive direct impact it will have for children in Red Oak, and the impact it will have on our community’s economy by providing jobs and new resources for families.

Senior Vice President, Tim Werges, explained the need for the project perfectly, “The importance of this project is twofold. The first is that today’s children are the future of our community and country. Providing them with a quality child development center will have a large positive impact on all of our futures. Secondly, in today’s world, childcare is a significant economic development issue. If our workforce doesn’t have access to childcare, they will either not be able to work or be forced to move somewhere that does have it. Currently, our county has a few childcare centers, but all signs point to there still being a large unmet need for quality childcare. This center will be a step toward filling that need while providing our community’s children with a strong foundation for their futures.”

Werges’ statement reflects data gathered by the Iowa Women’s Foundation (IWF) on how communities are affected by having quality childcare.

According to the IWF, over 4.4 billion dollars are lost annually by U.S. businesses due to employee absenteeism related to child care breakdowns. Approximately 25 percent of Iowans live in an area that lacks registered/licensed childcare options. Furthermore, when communities invest in high-quality early learning programs, the public can expect strong savings due to a 13 percent return on investment. The IWF’s research on how childcare can economically impact a community is what led to the creation of the Montgomery County Child Development Association (MCCDA), the community leaders that over the past two years have made the ROCDC possible.

Karl Bormann, president of Houghton State Bank, commends the leadership brought forth by the founding members of the MCCDA, “The most limited resource in Rural America is leadership. Adequate quality child care has to be a close second. We see an emerging sense of leadership and ownership in our Red Oak community and we are not surprised to note that it is insightful women who are stepping forward to offer solutions for problems that need resolution.” Bormann added that, “Houghton State Bank is very grateful to play a small role in an initiative that will be such a difference maker for the future of our community.”

With its donation, Houghton State Bank will be naming the nature/garden area of the ROCDC. One of the goals established by Director Jacque Howell and the board is to have the ROCDC be a Certified Nature Explore Classroom. Being a Nature Explore Classroom involves making nature and its elements part of play and the learning experience for children. Now, that renovation to the building is complete, construction is being focused on the playground and achieving the Certified Nature Explore Classroom status.

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