A true friend of Red Oak

Charles E. Richards was a lifetime Red Oak resident and practicing attorney in Red Oak since the early 1970s.  He served as a Montgomery County Magistrate for many years.  In addition to many other boards he served on, he was a Red Oak Library Trustee for most of the 1980s. The bequest is an unrestrained outright gift to be controlled by the current Board of Trustees of the Red Oak Public Library.  The Trustees can invest same and/or use the principle for any library purpose or capital improvement.  The only condition placed  on the bequest is that the Red Oak City Council cannot reduce its current library budget and must keep funding same at current or higher levels.
Charles E. Richards died after a brief illness in Red Oak on June 21, 2020.  He was a “friend of Red Oak” and obviously a friend of the Red Oak Library.
Pictured is Drew B. Swanson, partner at Swanson Law Firm in Red Oak and Executor of the Estate of Charles E. Richards presenting a check in the sum of $563,661.78 to Kathi Most as Director of the Red Oak Public Library.  This sum represents a substantial partial bequest from Richards per his Last Will and Testatment.  When the estate closes later this year, the Red Oak Public Library should receive approximately an additional $60,000.

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