Can and bottle redemption returns to the community with DROPPETT

Although it will look a little different, can and bottle redemption is returning to Red Oak. DROPPETT, a Des Moines-based redemption business, delivered a new drop-off building for cans and bottles in the northeast corner of the parking lot of the old Redemption Center at 210 S. Broadway previously run by Nishna Productions. Inc. The DROPPETT building will be an unmanned site where individuals may drop off their redeemables and still receive their refunds.
To use the new site, individuals (or charities/organizations) must go to the DROPPETT website and create an online account. Once they have created their account, they will receive a welcome packet in the mail. This packet will include a membership card (with two keychain cards), 10 barcode stickers, user tips, and Frequently Asked Questions. The stickers may be placed on a bag of redeemable items when full. The bag may then be taken to the new DROPPETT location where the individual must scan the sticker to open the door and drop off the bag.
From there, the bag will be taken to Des Moines. This will happen about once a week. In Des Moines, sticker is scanned, and the items are counted and sorted. The refund money from that bag is then credited to the online account the individual created. Once their funds are in their DROPPETT account, which typically takes 48-72 hours after the counting and sorting, individuals may choose to move funds to their personal checking account or they may donate the funds to a DROPPETT charity partner, such as the Rotary or Optimists.
The DROPPETT building in Red Oak has a built-in kiosk, where users may scan their membership card and enter their 4-digit pin to print additional stickers and check their account balance. The membership card (or keychain card) is NOT a debit card; redemption funds are only accessible once they are transferred online to a checking account.
Charities and community organizations who wish to receive funds through the DROPPETT center must register online as a ‘partner’ at DROPPETT centers are an efficient way to raise funds for short-term fundraisers, too. These might include Jr./Sr. Prom, Scout camps, or band trips, to name a few. Once registered, funds may be transferred to the charities and organizations on the DROPPET website. It is also possible for users to simply print that charity’s sticker at the kiosk and apply it to their box or bag. This process eliminates the need to then go online and transfer the funds, as they will be credited directly to the charity/organization.
Red Oak is the third community in Iowa to receive a DROPPETT building. Corning started using a DROPPETT building in January of this year; Des Moines started using one in 2022. Ultimately, DROPPETT hopes to be in all 99 counties in Iowa, offering a cleaner, more convenient redemption experience to residents.
Nishna Productions, Inc. will be providing on-site support for the Red Oak and Corning DROPPETT locations. NPI will be emptying the buildings when they get full in between the trips to Des Moines. Additionally, the group will provide maintenance as needed on the buildings. Each DROPPETT site is monitored by cameras inside and outside of the building.
Although the process looks a little different, some of the same policies apply. Glass bottles should be placed in boxes, preferably with lids where the sticker may be attached. Broken glass items will not be redeemed. Bags and boxes should not exceed 20 pounds. The can shed at Fareway will also remain operational with proceeds going to the Optimist and Rotary clubs in Red Oak.
The DROPPETT building in Red Oak was delivered on Monday. Due to electrical issues, the unit will not be operational until the week of March 20. Between now and then, users are encouraged to go to and get signed up for an account, so they will receive their welcome kits and bag tags and be ready for the big day.

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