Byers, Rubey honored

Bette’s last day with Rubey Realty is June 30, 2022.
Bette developed and refined the position of Closing Agent and currently holds the position of Closing Manager. Bette is well respected by her entire network of business relationships.
Bette earned the respect of her coworkers, clients, agents, attorneys, abstract companies, courthouse employees, service vendors, title companies and any other person that touched her world! Bette is known for being very thorough and very accurate with all of her work. Bette’s bright kindness shines on any and all that come within reach of her!
“As the owner of Rubey Realty, Bette Byers has made a tremendous positive impact in my professional and personal life!!” by Audie Rainey.
Congratulations and best wishes to Bette in her retirement. Bette will be missed in our business, but she remains close in our Rubey Realty family!

Clint Rubey continues to be active in real estate and recently passed the milestone of 50 years of service in the industry! Clint, along with his Rubey family was a pioneer for real estate and the process of this local market. Clint helped to build the strongest local real estate office by providing a service of honesty, integrity, hard work, consistency, and common sense. Clint has long been revered as a master negotiator with his calmness and the use of his knowledge to help clients understand the ins and outs of real estate transactions. Please help us congratulate Clint Rubey on his achievement and longevity and success in this industry!

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