Letter to the Editor: Here’s what we know of Hillary


To the Editor:

In her column (Sept. 6, The Red Oak Express), Ms. Miner asks what we know about Hillary.

Well, ignoring her activities in Obama’s State Department and as the carpet-bagging senator from New York (she is from Chicago, and until she moved to New York to run for office she was a resident of Arkansas), here’s what we know:

• She served as a conduit for otherwise illegal bribes from clients of the Rose Law Firm of Little Rock, Ark., to the state’s attorney general and later governor, whose job was the regulation of those clients.

• During her husband’s campaign for president she announced that in voting for him we were getting both of them. That played so badly that she pretty much vanished from the campaign.

• She made a lot of money dealing in cattle futures. Professional trades don’t do as well as she did. One wonders, if she was so good at it, why she stopped.

• Her career with the Rose Law Firm ended abruptly when her husband was elected president. At the end of his term of office, she did not return to Little Rock to resume her career there.

• She falsely accused the employees of the White House Travel Office of crimes so they could be fired to make jobs available for her cronies. When the charges finally came to trial it took the jury less than two hours to acquit the defendants on all charges.

• Despite the fact that she had no official government position, she set up her Health Care Task Force – without any congressional authorization – and tried to foist “Hillarycare” upon the general public.

• While publicly castigating health care providers and suppliers, she quietly short-sold their stocks and made a lot of money when those companies’ stock prices went down due to her actions. If she held a government job that would be illegal because one isn’t supposed to profit from one’s government job, but she had no official job other than as the president’s wife so it was legal.

• In 1993 alone, she did enough all by herself to get six appointees fired and indicted. But, of course, she wasn’t an appointee or an employee so she couldn’t be fired. I should note that Ira Magaziner, one of her cronies and a higher muckety-muck in her Health Care Task Force, was indicted and tried for lying to Congress.

• During a 1993-94 congressional investigation of the Clinton White House, there was an epidemic of amnesia throughout the staff, particularly among members of the Health Care Task Force. One can be prosecuted for lying under oath, but if one simply cannot remember that’s not a prosecutable offense. It should also be noted when Congress started making noises about investigating Hillary’s task force, members of that group were quietly encouraged to shred documents and working papers before it started.

That’s what we know about Hillary, and, as I said, all of that predates her political career, which started out in the U.S. Senate. The Senate is usually the culmination of one’s usually decades-long political career; she started there. 

It’s a pity that most voters aren’t old enough to remember this stuff.

Bob Ackley, Emerson

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