Updike is an up and comer on electronic music scene


Jeff Updike, a 2011 graduate of Red Oak High School, is finding success in the music industry as half of the Manhattan-based electronic dance music DJ duo, Lundøn.

Updike and his musical partner, Justin Peeling, recently released their first song, “Don’t Turn This Car Around” with astounding acclaim.

“We have 43 to 45,000 listeners on Spotify and our total stream count is 1.4 million,” said Updike. “We take the punk and the more hard core music we grew up with, and we mix that with electronic music; mix those elements together to create a hybrid genre.”

Growing up in Red Oak, Updike said he participated in athletics and band. He described himself as shy and said his childhood was “regular.” He first started listening to electronic music when he was about 16 and started creating his own electronic music while still in high school. What appealed to him initially about electronic music was not having to rely on other musicians to make a complete sound.

“I could essentially do everything on my own. I didn’t need a drummer; I didn’t need a guitarist,” recalled Updike. “That and the sounds you can create on a computer; there is more freedom and control in making something that sounds unique. Everyone knows what a guitar sounds like, but with electronic music, there is so much more freedom to create sounds no one has heard before. That appealed to me as well.”

He continued making music during his years in college but took a break while serving in the National Guard. Once medically discharged from the military, Updike said he decided to get back into music and take it more seriously. He began doing solo projects under the name Stvylight and eventually met Peeling, who had an impressive musical following.

The pair first collaborated on a song, “Whoever’s Next,” with musicians Brandon Elgar and Reece Young. Peelson asked Updike to join him in forming Lundøn shortly thereafter.

“COVID hit right after we formed, so we haven’t had the opportunity to perform live as Lundon,” Updike said.

Coming off the success of “Don’t Turn This Car Around,” Updike said he and Peelson are working on more music they’re planning on releasing.

“It’s been a wild experience with a lot of ups and downs. It’s had its moments where it’s been pretty rough and then there are the high moments, but overall it has been very rewarding and I am very happy with it. I can’t wait to see where we go from here,” Updike said.

To listen to the song, “Don’t Turn This Car Around” go to youtube.com/watch?v=2G5p6n3Q2l0. To learn more about Lundon, go to facebook.com/LundonMusic/.

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