Silent night, voting night


Silent night, voting night


No contested local races on 2016 ballot


Presidential, federal, state elections give voters their choices


Nick Johansen

The Red Oak Express

Election night promises to be a quiet night for local races in Montgomery County. 

According to the final filings reported by the Montgomery County Auditor’s Office, none of the local races will be contested in the upcoming general election Tuesday, Nov. 8. 

At the county level, Republicans Stephanie Burke and Joe Sampson are both running for re-election, for county auditor and county sheriff, respectively. 

Three of the five members of the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors are also up for re-election, with recently-appointed Republican Mike Olson running for District 2 supervisor. Olson was appointed to fill the seat vacated by Josh Wiig, who resigned in July. Olson’s temporary appointment expires with the general election. 

The second supervisor on the ballot is Republican Bryant Amos, who won his contested primary against Mike McCunn earlier this year. Amos is running for District 3 supervisor. 

The final supervisor up for re-election is Republican Donna Robinson, running for District 5 supervisor. 

In the school board race, only one board member is up for re-election, with Bret Blackman the sole name on the ballot. 

Only three people have officially filed to run for four spots on the Montgomery County Ag Extension Council – Mike Thomas, Karen Klocke, and Kelli Bucy. 

Roger J. Ehmke and James A. Robinson are running for two open spots for the Montgomery County Hospital Trustees. 

Three are running for three spots for the Montgomery County Soil and Water Commissioner. David Carbaugh, Gary Querry, and Fred Hossle. 

The final local races are all for township trustees. Each township has two open spots. 

For Frankfort Township Trustee: Rodney Hart and Don Gohlinghorst. Garfield Township Trustee: Gary Querry and John Willms. Grant Township Trustee: John Sunberg and Dennis Carlson. Lincoln Township Trustee: Bryan Jenkins. Pilot Grove Township Trustee: Ron Adams and David W. Olson. Red Oak Township Trustee: Howard W. Olson. Sherman Township Trustee: Daniel L. Phelps and James E. Good. Washington Township Trustee: No candidates have filed. West Township Trustee: David L. Gohlinghorst and Larry Heuer.

The election is a different story at the state and national level. In the Presidential Race, Republicans Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and Democrats Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine square off, along with eight other challengers in the presidential race. Those are: Constitution Party candidates Darrell L. Castle and Scott N. Bradley; Iowa Green Party candidates Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka; Legal Marijuana Now Party candidates Dan R. Vacek and Mark G. Elworth; Libertarian Party candidates Gary Johnson and Bill Weld; New Independent Party candidates Lynn Khan and Jay Stolba; Party for Socialism and Liberation candidates Gloria La Riva and Dennis J. Banks; Rocky Roque De La Fuente and Michael Steinberg, nominated by petition; and Evan McMullin and Nathan Johnson, also nominated by petition. 

Republican incumbent Chuck Grassley faces four challengers in his re-election bid for U.S. Senate. They are: Democratic candidate Patty Judge, Liberterian candidate Charles Aldrich, New Independent Party candidate Jim Hennager,  and Michael Luick-Thrams, nominated by petition. 

Republican incumbent David Young faces two challengers in his bid for re-election in U.S. Representative District 3. They are Democrat Jim Mowrer and Libertarian Bryan Jack Holder. 

District 12 State Senator Mark Costello, a Republican, is being challenged for his re-election bid by Libertarian candidate Don W. Brantz. 

In the Iowa House, District 23 Republican Representative Dave Sieck is being challenged by Democrat Craig Florian. 

And in Iowa House District 24, Republican Representative Cecil Dolecheck is unopposed for re-election. 

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