Registration opens for consumable hemp manufacturers and retailers


The Department of Inspections and Appeals announced that registration for consumable hemp products will officially open on March 3.

Those businesses wishing to manufacture or sell consumable hemp products in Iowa, including CBD, will be able to do so after March 3, as soon as the department approves their registration application. The department is now accepting applications immediately to begin reviewing them prior to the legal start date of sales and manufacturing, so that businesses may begin sales as soon as possible once it is legal.

Potential registrants can view frequently-asked questions, as well as learn more about testing, documentation, and labeling requirements and how to register by visiting the consumable hemp page on DIA's website.

"DIA worked to ensure our consumable hemp regulatory framework follows recent legislation by protecting Iowans and allowing innovation in the hemp industry," said DIA Director Larry Johnson. "DIA gathered input from stakeholders through the administrative rules process. Our licensing database has been upgraded to accommodate consumable hemp registration and we are now ready to go."

Important hemp details

Consumable hemp products include food and food additives, dietary supplements, tinctures, chew or snuff, and oils and lotions. Consumable hemp products do not include those intended to be inhaled (such as by vaping or smoking). The total THC concentration in any consumable hemp product must be less than 0.3%.

There are two types of consumable hemp registrations. Both cost $475 per year and are only available online:

  • Consumable hemp manufacturers may produce, process, pack, hold, prepare, distribute, or sell consumable hemp products on a wholesale basis.
  • Consumable hemp retailers may sell consumable hemp products to consumers on a retail basis.

Registrations are issued based on location, and are not transferrable to a new location or a new operator at the same location. If a consumer hemp establishment is manufacturing or warehousing consumable hemp products for intenteded use in human food (including dietary supplements and tinctures) or as a human food ingredient, the establishment must also apply for a food processing license with the department. Food licenses may be obtained via the same online website as consumable hemp registrations.

Those with questions about consumable hemp registration may contact the department at 515.829.8899 or

The Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals is committed to protecting the health and safety of Iowans through regulation and oversight of health care, food, and gaming; application of administrative law; and investigation of Medicaid and welfare fraud.

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