Red Oak’s JBI utilizes same D7 as that being used to fight Corona virus

The chemistry being used to combat the Corona virus in China is also used by Red Oak’s JBI Distributors LLC., to keep turkeys, pigs, cows and other livestock safe from viruses and bacteria across the United States. 

Craig Steen, JBI President and CEO, explained D7 is a bactericidal and broad-spectrum disinfectant that delivers complete inactivation of numerous life-threatening viruses and bacteria.  D7 is being shipped to China from Arizona-based Decon Seven Systems, Inc. 

JBI Distributors is the leading biosecurity master distributor for the Arizona based manufacturer.

D7, explained Steen, works by attacking viruses and killing the virus RNA (a RNA virus is a virus that has the RNA [ribonucleic acid] as its genetic material.)

He added, it is effective for up to eight hours in a wide range of temperatures, on porus and non-porus surfaces and is a disruptive disinfectant that becomes safe and “green” for the environment.  JBI sprays D7 in commercial and livestock environments, similar to the way it’s being sprayed in hospital areas where Corona virus patients have been treated, as a way to kill particles left on surfaces, equipment or in ventilation systems. 

In common bacteria and virus contaminations, D7 is a killer of salmonella, listeria, staph, E.coli, HIV, mold, fungus, and other substances to name a few.   

D7 is based on a patented, multi-part aqueous solution including hydrogen peroxide and an advanced four-chain quaternary ammonia formulation developed by Sandia National Laboratories of Los Alamos, New Mexico, a leading scientific laboratory for the U.S. government and world nations.

Developed for the U.S. military, this product can be applied through foaming apparatus, low-pressure sprayers, mopping, fogging, and soaking systems.

“The non-corrosive and non-potable water nature of the D7  minimizes the environmental impact while delivering superior cleaning,” Steen said. “It is highly effective in breaking down bacteria threats, and the foaming application methods are proven to be the most effective method for treatment of surfaces due to longer contact time than liquids.”

JBI, Distributors LLC., will be opening its new, expanded corporate office at 422 Reed St., in Red Oak March 1.  

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