Records 7-26

The following events were filed with the Montgomery County Clerk’s Office between July 14 and July 20, 2011. All parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty. For details on these events, visit the public records office or online at

Real Estate


Terry D. and Sharlene E. Magill to Roger E. and Robin R. Smith, Red Oak.

Great Western Bank to Leslie E. and Julie M. Granger, 35-72-36.

Zebulon L. and Brandie L. McFarland to Michael Shawn McCunn, Stanton.

Audie E. and Nicole R. Rainey to Willis N. Nelsen, 20-73-36.


Wells Fargo Bank, Na., to Anthony Duane Pond, Villisca.

Patrick Cavanaugh, trustee assignee, High Ridge Partners, Inc., and Red Oak Die Casting Company to Acorn Development Company, Red Oak.

Justin B. Mann to Michele J. Mann, Red Oak.

Gary Baumbach to Bill E. and Sherry L. Bourlon, Red Oak.

Ben G. Franks to Angela Dawn Franks, Red Oak.

P. William and Catherine R. Ogden to Catherine R. Ogden, 18-72-37.

Paul William and Catherine (Cathy) R. Ogden to P. William Ogden, 18-72-37.


Alice Artherholt, trustee, and Alice Artherholt Declaration of Trust to David Clark, Red Oak.


Philip K. and Ann M. Ritter to Great Western Bank, 33-72-37.

David Clark to Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., Red Oak.


Lavonne Squires to Mark and Tammy Howard, Villisca.


Deborah A. Robertson, Deborah A. Faulhaber and Margery A. Robertson to Deborah A. Robertson, 21-71-39.


Felony, State of Iowa vs. Thomas Ray McGlade, 208 W. 3rd St., Red Oak, reckless use of firearm with property damage, negotiated guilty plea, sentenced to 30 days in jail, all but 19 days suspended, credit for 19 days served, six months unsupervised probation, taxed court costs and attorney fees.

Simple Misdemeanor, State of Iowa vs. Taylor Nicole Syverson, 504 E. Coolbaugh Apt. 1, Red Oak, fifth degree criminal mischief, found guilty, fined $100, court costs, surcharges and attorney fees, to be fingerprinted.

Simple Misdemeanor, State of Iowa vs. Dallas Eugene Davis, 307 E. Linden, Red Oak, assault, criminal complaint, trial Aug. 16, trial information.

Simple Misdemeanor, State of Iowa vs. George Allen Alfred Wesbrook III, 130 W. 5th St., Villisca, third degree harassment, criminal complaint.

Simple Misdemeanor, State of Iowa vs. William Edward Barr, 2400 N. 8th St. Apt. 47, Red Oak, domestic abuse assault, trial Aug. 16, no contact order, trial information.

Simple Misdemeanor, State of Iowa vs. Randi Lynn VanLeuven, 303 W. Washington, Red Oak, trespassing, criminal complaint.

Simple Misdemeanor, State of Iowa vs. Jason Rolfe Aherns, 209 W. 4th St., Red Oak, assault, criminal complaint.

Simple Misdemeanor, State of Iowa vs. Anna L. Price,  702 5th St., Elliott, fifth degree theft, criminal complaint, hearing Aug. 2, trial information.

Simple Misdemeanor, City of Red Oak vs. Ian Anthony Clark, 103 W. Grimes St., Red Oak, discharging weapons, criminal complaint.

Small Claims

 Villisca Farmers Tele-phone Company, 205 E. 4th Street, Villisca, vs. Michael J. Mackey Sr. and Teena R. Mackey, 102 S. 2nd Ave., Villisca, judgement default, $85.

H & R Accounts, Inc., 7017 John Deere Parkway, Moline, Ill., vs. Brent David and Laura Ann Schrader, 405 Hilltop Ave., P.O. Box 354, Stanton, judgement default, $85.

General Service Bureau, Inc. 8429 Blondo, Omaha, vs. Terry L. Grashorn, 120 W. High St., Villisca, judgement default, $85.

Main Street Acquisitions Corp, address not available, vs. Brandy Sparks, 202 E. 1st St., Villisca, order for judgement, $85.


Amanda Sue Deupree, 2404 N. 8th St. Apt. 6, Red Oak, violation of financial liability coverage.

Joshua Alexander Suss-man, 100 N. 3rd Ave., Villisca, speeding.

Jeffery Scott Shearer, 107 E. Hammond St. Apt. A, Red Oak, passenger with open container.

Abigail Jusdean Cook, 1195 130th St., Emerson, violation of financial liability coverage, accident, and failure to yield upon entering through highway.

Michelle Lynn Kasha, 69171 Lyman St., Griswold, violation of financial liability coverage, accident.

Jason Harris Dulberg, 601 E. 8th St., Atlantic, speeding.

Casey Dean Dykes, 305 E. Maple, Red Oak, speeding.

Margaret Mae Houston, 501 E. Reed St., Red Oak, violation of financial liability coverage.

Katrina Elizabeth Johnson, 510 Elm, Elliott, failure to maintain safety belts.

Kristopher Allain Maley, 2660 220th St., Stanton, possession or purchase of alcohol by person age 18,19 or 20 – first offense.

Josh R. Kuipers, 1505 Marty Dr., Red Oak, speeding.

Amber L. Moss, 94 2nd, Elliott, speeding.

David William Jenkins, 2221 K Ave., Red Oak, max gross weight violation.

Troy Dale Kroupa, 1006 E. Washington Ave., Red Oak, careless driving.

Neil Alan Peterson, 108 Broad Ave., Stanton, speeding.

Amanda Sue Deupree, 2404 N. 8th St. Apt. 6, Red Oak, operators license.

Joseph Earl Smith, 2307 190th St., Red Oak, operation without registration and operators license.

Brenna Kathleen Tedes-co, 108 1/2 W. 4th St., Malvern, speeding.


Filed July 15, Andrea Marie Elarton, 910 E. Reed, Red Oak, first offense, criminal complaint.


Joshua Shane Morrison, driving while barred - habitual offender, dismissed.

Rebecca Ann Cates, OWI – first offense, dismissed.

Angela Marie Kier, fifth degree theft, dismissed.


Filed July 15, Michael Wayne Parsley, warrant - parking adjacent to curb, $300 bond.

Filed July 15, William Edward Barr, domestic abuse assault, $300 bond.

Filed July 17, Jose M. Miranda Andino, operating vehicle while intoxicated and open container, $1,465 bond.

Filed July 18, Ian Anthony Clark, discharging weapon, $300 bond.

Filed July 18, Alexandra Marie Sindt, warrant - second degree criminal mischief, $5,000 bond.

Filed July 18, Blaine Avery Erickson, failure to appear, $1,700 bond.

Filed July 18, Randi Lynn VanLeuven, trespassing, $300 bond.

Filed July 19, Ladonna Kaye Gauchat, fifth degree theft, $300 bond.

Filed July 19, Kevin Leon Simmons, domestic abuse assault, $1,000 bond.

Filed July 19, Jason Rolfe Aherns, assault, $300 bond.

Filed July 19, Ivy Nicole Grape, assault.

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