Pooch Walk

Owners and their four-legged friends are invited to the first ever “Pooch Walk” on the Red Oak Trail from 10 to noon Saturday, Sept. 30.

Larry Brandstetter of Friends of the Red Oak Trails said this is the first such event, and is hopeful it may become an annual one.

“We wanted to get more people to use the trail, and we were looking for ways to increase usage beyond our normal events. We see a lot of people already on the trail walking their dogs, and thought this would be a good way to bring those dog walkers together and get this moving. We were considering names for the event, and we wanted something with a little more punch than a dog walk, so we went with ‘Pooch Walk,’” he said.

The walk will feature two routes, one for smaller dogs, and a longer route for larger dogs. The walk will start at the Inman parking lot so walkers have a place to park their cars, and the route will begin at the Memorial Day stage at Evergreen Cemetery.

“They’ll go up the hill and cut over north to the alfalfa area on the trail, and through the orchard and head to the top of the hill along Highway 34. As they go all the way down, the smaller dogs will have the opportunity to take the shortcut back into the cemetery, and back to Inman, or they can keep going with the larger dogs. The route for the larger dogs and their owners goes the rest of the way around the trail,” said Brandstetter.

Businesses and organizations will be present along the route.

“We’ll have a veterinarian who will share information on the shots the dogs may need, spaying and neutering, diseases dogs may have, and answer questions from the dog walkers about the health of their animal. Hy-Vee will be there passing out free samples of dog food,” Brandstetter advised. “The Montgomery County Animal Rescue will hand out treats. Friends of the Red Oak Trail will pass out homemade treats, and United Farmers Cooperative will share information about their dog food and nutrition programs. Others will come on board as well.”

Dog watering stations will be available, too. “We’ll have some bowls and gallon jugs of water so the dogs can have a drink,” Brandstetter explained.

The “Pooch Walk” is free of charge, and will be held rain or shine. Brandstetter said they’ll seek input from participants about a future walk.

“We’re going to ask the people if they would do this again, and if they like the event at this time, or at a later time. We’ll find out what they have to say.”

Another upcoming event is ‘Trick or Treat on the Trail,” Oct. 26 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.  

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