Wright shares amusing story about a water leak and smoke alarm

A small leak at the Montgomery County Courthouse led to some unexpected results.
The issue was discussed during maintenance supervisor Dan Wright’s maintenance update to the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors at its Aug. 23 meeting.  Wright said he noted water initially, but couldn’t locate the source at the time.
“As you walk into the break room in the basement, we ended up having a pinhole leak in the elbow of a copper pipe. The weird thing about it was I cleaned up the mess, I looked forever, and could not find the leak. The Nishna Productions people came, sat under it for two hours, and never got any water on them,” Wright explained.
It was later that evening, Wright said, that he was called to the courthouse by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.
“It started leaking again at some point, and leaked onto the smoke alarm, which triggered it, and thus called the fire department. When I got here, law enforcement and the fire department were here, and they found the leak for me, and I got it fixed the next day,” said Wright.
Wright added that the situation demonstrated that the safety features in the courthouse are working.
“It relayed the smoke detector message to everyone, so that’s proof that the system is working” commented Wright.
  Also, Wright said work is continuing on replacing the lights at the Montgomery County Law Enforcement Center with new LEDs.
“The electrical company is about halfway through. I don’t think we have all the new lights in. We received two pallets and they were waiting on two more pallets. The company was back doing more work on Aug. 23, and hopefully in another week or two they’ll have that project completed,” stated Wright.
Supervisor Donna Robinson asked if Wright had been contacted by any other departments to transfer materials for shredding for the Nishna Productions employees. Wright said he’d gathered some materials.
“I went up to public health and got a bunch of stuff, so we’re got enough to keep them busy for a couple more weeks, but if we don’t get some more, we might have to cut things down to one day per week rather than two,” said Wright. “But I’m keeping on top of it and have been swinging by the Swanson Law Office every two to three weeks to collect other materials to shred if they have any.”

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