Window replacements, painting approved by DUR board

Several new projects are on their way to receiving grant funding from the Red Oak Downtown Urban Renewal Board. 

At the regular meeting Nov. 3, Board Chairman Roger Vial discussed two projects that were up for first round approval to determine eligibility. The first project was at Mark Jackson’s Hardware and Hallmark Gold Crown Store. 

“The grant application was for the replacement of seven older single-pane windows on the building, and we’re here to determine whether the project is eligible or not, and I believe it is eligible,” Vial said. 

Mark Jackson, who serves on the DUR Board, said in discussions with the contractor, that the project likely wouldn’t be completed until the spring. The DUR Board approved the eligibility of the project, with DUR Board members Jackson and Ann Carder abstaining from the vote. 

The second request was from Carder, a reimbursement for scraping and painting of the building at 312 E. Coolbaugh, and the second project was also deemed eligible for a DUR funding request.  Again, Jackson and Carder abstained from the voting.  Vial commented that the new paint looks much more durable and he was impressed with the completed painting project. 

Under projects needing final approval was a grant request from No H Development for 416 and 418 E. Coolbaugh Streets. Eligibility was determined at the October meeting for updated locks, security equipment, and fiber optic lines to the building, at an estimated cost of $4,205 for both buildings. 

“They must have heard that we were not going to approve cameras and inside fiber, because they did not submit proof of payment for those items, just the items we determined were eligible and three hours of labor. So I need approval to move those to a full request for funding,” commented Vial. 

The DUR board gave final approval for the 416 and 418 E. Coolbaugh projects, then moved onto the last project, which was again 312. E Coolbaugh. Approval was given to move that project to a final request for funding, with Jackson and Carder abstaining, before approving the final requests for funding for all three projects. 

Vial also said there were two open positions on the DUR Board remaining, and interest had been expressed by former Red Oak City Councilman Bill Hauffle expressed interest in joining the board, though nothing further had been discussed. 

Vial’s term on the DUR Board was to end this year, but he expressed to the board members that he was interesting and willing to serve another term once his current term was to expire. 

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