Volatile markets and uncertainty: A financial plan is now more valuable than ever

Everyone is scared. Things are volatile and uncertainty on what to do and where to turn, is running rampant. Baby formula shelves are empty, the news is negative, and the stock market is in turmoil. Where can you turn for some sense of clarity, unbiased advice, that proverbial port in the storm?
If you have ever wondered if working with a trusted financial planner was worth it, well we are now living through times that will answer that question. During these times trained advisors serve as a rock, that sense of calm amidst the chaos. There is no one, except maybe those who share your last name, who cares more about your financial situation than we do.
Now, can a certified financial palnner Professional working on your behalf assure you that your account values will not fall or that you will not lose money? No. No one can.  But they may be able to develop a plan that takes this type of volatility into consideration and build an income plan for you that will always be able to sustain itself, even when the markets fall.
So how do they it? By analyzing someone's full financial picture and really understanding what is important to their family. Professional, trained advisors don't use cookie-cutter ideas; work out of their basement or the trunk of their car! They design plans built to accomplish your specific goals! By  understanding how various investment tools, accounts and strategies work together, the team at MFG works to control what we can and limit the effects of the things we cannot.
Think about it like going to a doctor. If you just have scratch on your arm, you can handle that yourself. Put a little disinfectant on it and a bandage. But say now you have an emergency, or you suspect that you may have a bigger health issue. Do you "just handle it yourself" or "look it up on WebMD" and figure that will be good enough? Or maybe you figure the guy at the office that had a similar health issue can give you advice on what you should do? That will probably be good enough, right?
No, you seek the assistance of a doctor, a trained professional. Someone that will plan the best course of care for you that is available. Someone that knows and understands exactly what treatments will work the best for you now, and over the long term.
That is exactly the value of working with an experienced, certified financial planner Professional and their team. We will design a financial / retirement income "plan of care" to control what we can and lessen the effects of situations like we are currently experiencing right now. The planning serves as a guide to help you survive storms that we encounter such as the severe market corrections we are seeing right now.
The unknowns we are experiencing right now are scary. We all realize that. But you do not have to face all of these storms alone, or without a plan. That’s what our team at Miller Financial Group, Inc. is built for.

Dan Miller, Kaleb Robuck, and Marcus Taylor are investment adviser representatives of, and securities and advisory services are offered through, USA Financial Securities Corp. (Member FINRA/SIPC). USA Financial Securities is a registered investment adviser located at 6020 E Fulton St., Ada, MI 49301. Miller Financial Group is not affiliated with USA Financial Securities. This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized tax advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific situation with a qualified tax professional.

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