Trees planted along trailhead parking lot

Twelve trees were recently planted by community volunteers around the Eastern Avenue Trailhead parking lot in Red Oak. 

Members of Red Oak Trails (FOTROT), Brad Riphagen of TreesForever, Bill Drey, Anna Boeye of the Park and Tree Board, Ron Tilton of the cemetery department, Rick Akers of the park department maintenance crew, and past FOTROT board members Mark Benda and Larry Brandstetter, all assisted in planning, prepping, digging, planting, mulching, watering, and staking. 

Beau Boeye, Friends of the Red Oak Trails member, said two Kentucky Coffee Trees, two Sycamore trees, two Red Oaks, two Swamp White Oaks and four Black Hills Spruce were planted. Those varieties of tree were recommended by both Brad Riphagen and Bill Drey to do well in this particular area and to accomplish the goals that FOTROT had in mind for this area. 

Boeye explained they were looking for trees that have: natural beauty and shade around the parking lot; provide a wind break around this segment of the trail; and provide bio-diversity. 

He added, the project wouldn’t have been possible without the initial grant from TreesForever that spearheaded this whole process, followed by the accompanying grants from Red Oak’s Hotel/Motel Tax and the Montgomery County Foundation.

“Everyone in attendance learned a lot of tips and tricks from Brad Riphagen and Bill Drey during this process,” said Boeye. “Nine out of 10 people plant trees wrong, and it’s not uncommon that a tree will choke itself out 20 years later after planting due to poor initial prep.

“For many years now FOTROT has been discussing the possibility of establishing an arboretum along the Red Oak Trails. This planting of 12 new trees marks the beginning of that venture, with more phases to come. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in helping or donating to this cause, please contact a FOTROT board member. FOTROT will be providing more information in the future on how you can help enhance our trails.”

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