Pay extra attention in work zones

Thousands of Iowa family members, friends, and neighbors are hard at work to make Iowa’s roads the safest, most efficient system possible. But to get that work done, they need your help.
When anyone sees a “Work zone ahead” sign, pay extra attention to what is coming up.
Work zones come in all shapes and sizes and the traffic patterns can change from day to day. Since rear-end crashes are the most common type of crash in a work zone, watch for the traffic ahead of you, slow down, and leave plenty of space between vehicles in case there is a sudden stop ahead.
In Iowa in 2021, there were 497 crashes in work zones where seven people lost their lives and 158 people were injured.
Last year in our state, all seven of those who died were motorists, but in 2020, there were 636 total crashes and eight fatalities that included four motorists and four workers.
In 2022, there have been 76 deaths in traffic crashes. To see statistics published daily by the Office of Driver Services, go to the daily fatality report at

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