Optimist Club gives teachers funds for school supplies

Teachers at the Red Oak School District received a special boost from the Red Oak Optimist Club on Feb. 7.
Optimist Club President Doug Tye and members Dan Crouse and Rick Leinen gave each certified teacher at the junior/senior high school, Inman Elementary, and the Red Oak Early Childhood Center $100 towards a supply purchase. In total, 82 teachers received the funds.
Crouse addressed the teachers about the donation, saying he knew teachers were having hard times.
“I talked to some teachers Feb. 5, and I heard the word struggle. I understand this time of year. What we aimed to do today was help you with that struggle. One of the primary purposes of the Optimist Club is to become involved in our community helping our children,” Crouse said. “I can’t think of a better way to do that then to be personally involved with the people that educate those children.”
Crouse said there were a number of ways the Optimists aided the district, and they were proud to do so.
“We are proud to be part of this, but I still drive by the school and think about what more we can do at the club level, or get more involved in helping the teachers out with education, or provide you with the tools that you need. I know the teachers are providing more than you should have to, to make sure the students have all the supplies they need,” commented Crouse.
Crouse added he and the Optimist Club was aware that the teachers took money out of their own pockets to pay for supplies. The $100 from the Optimist Club would aid in that.
“I’m asking you to use this money for that. If you need supplies for your students, take it out of this. If you’ve already spent $100 on your students, then put that $100 in your pocket. We want you to understand we support you, and we want to show at a service level in this town that we’re behind you,” stated Crouse. “You’re handling our biggest assets.”
Optimist Club  International’s Lt. Gov. Joleen Jorgensen of Grinnell was also in attendance. Jorgensen said they are hopeful they can start a junior Optimist Club.
“It would be for kids in the fifth or sixth grade where we can bring them up a little bit. Kids at that age need a little extra attention and some extra love. If we act with some random acts of kindness, and give some kids some extra love, it will help them,” said Jorgensen. “We’d love to get a few more things going at the local level.”

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