NPI proposal for cleaning approved by county board of supervisors

The Montgomery County Board of Supervisors has accepted a bid from Nishna Productions to continue cleaning at the Montgomery County Courthouse.
As part of the bid, Nishna proposed a price of $1,574 per month for labor, with an agreement to perform services daily Monday through Friday. The price was subject to negotiation with increases to state minimum wage, changes to required tasks, or other conditions beyond its control, and was to be reviewed at least on an annual basis. The agreement could end with a 30-day written notice by either party.
Supervisor Donna Robinson confirmed that the bid price was the same as the one approved last year from Nishna Productions for cleaning services.
Supervisor Randy Cooper asked if American Rescue Plan Funding could be used to pay for the service, as the cleaning process involved a lot of sanitizing in the wake of COVID-19, but Robinson said the fee was going to wages for the Nishna Production staff, and wouldn’t qualify for ARP funds.
Robinson also felt that approving the contract was important, and she was satisfied with the work.
“I think it’s important to try to keep this in place, and if there are any concerns they are eager to work with us. We can also work with them if there are any needs that we need to have addressed,” said Robinson.
Per the agreement, Nishna Productions will provide all labor to complete specified custodial tasks, supervision and training of workers for completion of all tasks, and quality control on all tasks included in the agreement. The contract would be in place from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023.
The Montgomery County courthouse would provide a listing of all required custodial tasks for successful completion of the agreement, as well as all supplies and equipment for completion of the specified tasks.
The Nishna Productions bid was approved as presented.
Robinson also spoke about the latest numbers of COVID-19 cases that were shared at the most recent Montgomery County Public Health meeting.
As of June 19, the total case count is 2,238, and a total of 57.1% of the county has been fully-vaccinated.
“Breaking down the numbers, the total number of residents age 5 and over is 60.8%, 12 and over, 65.7%, 18 and older, 68.9%, and for 65 and older, the vaccination rate is 95%,” Robinson said.
The supervisors also approved library services from the Stanton Public Library for 2022-23 in the amount of $6,020., and with the Villisca Public Library for $7,645.
As part of the agreement, residents of rural Montgomery County residing outside of the incorporated cities and towns within said county have entitlement to library service from the Stanton and Villisca libraries on an equal basis, whether such patrons reside within the corporate limits of Stanton and Villisca or not.
In other business, the supervisors:
• Approved a cigarette/tobacco permit for the Red Oak Country Club.

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