Final five year secondary road plans approved by supervisors

The Montgomery County Board of supervisors have approved the final five year roads plan proposed by the Montgomery County Secondary Roads Department.
County engineer Karen Albert met with the supervisors to present the plan during the regular meeting on March 28. Albert said things still were a bit up in the air.
“The plan is somewhat fluid, but hopefully by the next fiscal year, we’ll be able to do what we have proposed in the plan,” commented Albert.
For 2024, Albert said the first project planned was replacement of the Beeson bridge located on 250th Street west of G Avenue over the East Nishnabotna River.
“We’re waiting on the funding agreement with the Iowa Department of Transportation. We were told in February it would take three to four months to get that funding agreement to us. If I don’t hear anything by mid-April, I will contact IDOT and find out where that funding agreement is,” stated Albert. “We do have permits from IDOT at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. We are also planning a river access at that site: a concrete ramp for boaters and kayakers. The landowner said he is okay with it, and we have gotten permit approval.”
Also in 2024, a bridge replacement is planned for the bridge on L Avenue south of the railroad bridge in Scott Township.
“We’re planning on replacing that with a couple of culvert pipes. We have run into a bit of an issue with the Corps of Engineers due to the new mitigation rules, but we’ve had some phone conversations with them on ways to bring the pipes in together and reduce any mitigation costs. We’re continuing to work with them, as replacing the bridge with pipe is a more economical way of replacing the bridge,” advised Albert.
The final project for 2024 was the east overlay and widening project for H-34. Albert said the project has been in the program for quite awhile.
“It appears that we’re going to have the funds available to move forward with letting for this project. It’s been a long process, and it’s been on the list since I got here, which was five years ago. We’re crossing our fingers, and so far things look good,” Albert said.
Projects for 2025 include the replacement of a bridge on 210th Street that has been closed.
“Right now we are tentatively planning on replacing that bridge with a low water crossing,” Albert said.
Also, in Pilot Grove Township on 120th Street, a triple pipe is scheduled for replacement.
The third 2025 project is work on the railroad bridge on Q Avenue.
“We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to work with the railroad and get that bridge let for replacement. It might be a little hopeful, but we have the project on there,” Albert commented.
Projects in 2026 included an overlay on M47 north, and a pavement replacement on H12. The third project was a bridge replacement on G Avenue.
“We’re talking about possibly replacing that with a box culvert, but that’s kind of up in the air due to the new Army Corps of Engineers regulations, but for right now, we’ve got it in the plan and we’re hopeful we can do that.
Another 2026 project was on G Avenue over Walnut Creek, replacement of a culvert with a twin box culvert. The final project was work on the railroad bridge on L Avenue.
“This project, as well as other railroad projects would depend on the negotiations we have with the railroad,” explained Albert.
For 2027, Albert said they are planning a bridge replacement on W Avenue, as well as a bridge replacement on H34.
Moving to the final year, 2028, Albert said they are planning an overlay on county road M63.
“We’re looking to do an essential overlay on the north, central, and south portions of the road, and an overlay of the road that goes to Viking Lake. There are no bridges planned for 2028, but again, this plan is fluid, and it changes every year as we see where our needs are,” stated Albert.
Supervisors Chair Mike Olson said that the Corps of Engineers regulations that were affecting the culvert projects was the reinstitution of certain aspects of the Waters of the United States Act.
“What it means at the local level is that we can only disturb 0.03 acres of stream bed. To put a tube in, you can’t do that. I’ve made phone calls, and have heard back from Sen. Ernsts office, and it seems that this is a done deal, and reading between the lines, we’re going to have to live with it,” Olson said. “She’s heard complaints from all 99 counties.”
Albert said that unless the crews can find an alternative, in some cases, they may have to replace a bridge with a bridge, which would mean more costs to the county.
Olson said the reinstatement of the act is already affecting Montgomery County, and it would remain to be seen how much. The five year roads plan was approved as preented.
The supervisors also approved the secondary roads Iowa Department of Transportation budget for FY 2023-24. Albert said it was the same as the budget submitted to the county, at $5,695,000.

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