Election support staff compensation agreed upon

The Montgomery County Board of Supervisors has approved a resolution for a compensation policy for the Montgomery County precinct election official and the support staff for the upcoming general election.
At the regular meeting Oct. 25, Montgomery County Auditor Jill Ozuna said the move was under the guidance of the Iowa State Auditor's Office.
“They are recommending a resolution be made and approved prior to every election for compensation and pay, so that it is public information, and to meet the compliance that they are hoping to put forth in the future, Right now, it's very vague, and they are wanting to change that,” Ozuna commented.
While there was no requirement the resolution be approved, Ozuna felt it was a good idea for the county to do so.
“I want to comply with what they want and stay on top of it. That is what most of the counties have done. It covers wages and mileage,” said Ozuna.
Under the resolution, The hourly wage of an election official is $10 per hour, and the precinct election official chair and co-chair is $11 per hour. Additionally, the resolution allowed for mileage reimbursement under the standard county mileage reimbursement rate of $.585 cents per mile.
The supervisors also heard a proposal from Ozuna to update the office directory board at the public entrance of the courthouse with a electronic board with a digital display. Ozuna felt the existing directory board was very outdated.
“You have to unlock the glass to change the directory. We want to eliminate all those boards and place one digital display next to the elevators at that main entrance. We can change the picture if we want to, and instantly make any changes we need to to the names. We can also potentially add widgets for weather, or a calendar,” Ozuna stated.
Ozuna shared a quote of $1,156 for the new digital display. The quote included the monitor and all of the necessary hardware. Initially, Ozuna was planning on two boards, but in the end the supervisors decided on one.
“We were considering having a display next to the elevator on the main lobby area, but it wouldn't be very feasible, and we decided if we were only going to have one, it should be at the public entrance right where people walk in,” Ozuna said.
Ozuna added the directory in the courthouse elevator would be left as-is. Funding for the new electronic display would be paid for out of the building maintenance fund.
The supervisors were in agreement that the cost for the display was reasonable. The supervisors approved the purchase of the digital display.

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