County engineer Albert updates supervisors on upcoming road projects

The Montgomery County Board of Supervisors approved two changes for upcoming roads projects, and heard an update from county engineer Karen Albert.
Albert advised the supervisors that Montgomery County had been assisting the Page County Engineer’s office on a pair of projects.
“We’ve been helping the county with construction inspections on two bridges under construction: one located in Essex, and the other in Shambaugh. They are without a construction inspector at this time, and are looking for one, but are struggling to get applications,” Albert said.
Albert confirmed for the supervisors that Page County was reimbursing Montgomery County for the service.
Albert also updated the supervisors on an upcoming project on the Montgomery/Page Road south of Villisca in the southwest portion of the county would be let in June.
“Page County will be the contracting authority project. The project will consist of base stabilization and seal coating of the road. Montgomery County will be financially responsible for one half of the approximately two and a half mile stretch, and our financial responsibility will be around $325,000,” commented Albert.
The Montgomery/Page Road was initially asphalt, and the asphalt was broken up pending a seal coating. Albert said while the project has been waiting for a long time, they are finally ready to finish up the project.
Albert didn’t have an exact date for the project, but said she expected work to begin sometime this summer.
The supervisors also discussed a resolution to the county’s five-year roads program. Albert said a modification was needed to the current plan for a change to a project involving a new box culvert on 180th Street over Little Tarkio Creek.
“The original cost estimate for that a year ago was $600,000, but costs for materials and labor have increased. The new cost estimate is $693,000.  Because it’s a federal aid project now, and because the difference in cost is over 16%, we have to get approval so we can go ahead and let the project in June,” Albert said.
The supervisors approved the resolution, which stated that with unforeseen circumstances arising since the adoption of the approved secondary roads five-year plan, required changes were to the sequence, funding, and timing of the proposed work plan.  The approved resolution initiated and recommended the modification of the project for approval by the Iowa Department of Transportation.
Also under discussion was an amendment to a Hungry Canyons Alliance project agreement for the box culvert on 180th Street over Little Tarkio Creek to modify the project completion.
“Last year, Hungry Canyons agreed to do a cost share of around $30,000 for the concrete block inlet and the rip wrap at the outlet for the new box culvert. Originally, the project had to be completed by June 2023. Currently, it’s not going to be bid let until that time, so this amendment will get us an extension to Jan. 31, 2024. It’s for the same amount, we just needed additional time,” Albert stated.
The supervisors approved the amendment to a Hungry Canyons Alliance project agreement.
The supervisors also rescheduled the public hearing for the fiscal year 2023-24 total maximum property tax dollars levied to March 14 at 8:45 a.m.

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