Council approves water rate hike, Memorial Day street closure

The Red Oak City Council has approved a change to the city’s water rates.
At the April 6 meeting, the council discussed an increase in the water rate by 2% from last year. The first reading was approved, but council members Brian Bills and Tim Fridolph declined to waive the second and third readings, and the motion failed to carry due to a lack of a 4 vote majority.
At the April 18 meeting, Bills said he would not object to waiving readings.
“If no one has any comments, I will not object to waiving the third reading,” said Bills. “I just feel that a lot of people didn’t understand we were doing this until we had the first reading, and now that we’ve given them till the second reading to make a comment, I would not be against proceeding.”
The council unanimously approved the second reading of the ordinance amending city code to increase water rates by 2% for the 2022-23 FY. The council also unanimously approved waiving the third reading and approved a motion to adopt.
The basic charge will be $7.98 to be charged on all bills; for water usage of zero to 4,000 cubic feet per month, the rate will be $2.74 per 100 cubic feet. If water usage is above 4,000 cubic feet per month, the rate will be $2.10 per 100 cubic feet.
The council also heard a request from the Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Court of Honor for street closures on Memorial Day, May 30. The Memorial Day ceremony is scheduled from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Evergreen Cemetery, and the closure request was for Inman Drive from the east side of Inman Elementary to 8th Street, and 8th Street from the south driveway of Inman to Sunset Avenue. The request was approved.
City administrator Brad Wright advised the council that if they received any concerns or complaints regarding vultures, that the city has already taken steps to prevent vultures from being a nuisance in the city.
“We have already hung the first deceased vulture. That is what we have discovered is the best solution, and it was provided by the USDA,” Wright explained. “They don’t mind being around any other deceased animals, but they have a problem being around one of their own.”
In other business, the council:
• Approved pay request number five to Omni Engineering for the 2021 street asphalt project, in the amount of $23,439,
• Approved the renewal of a Class C liquor with Sunday sales license for the Rainbow Cafe.
• Approved the renewal of a Class E liquor, Class B wine, Class B native vine, and Class C Beer license for Casey’s at 201 N. Broadway.
• Approved temporary outdoor service for the Buck Snort on May 21, June 18, July 30, Aug. 27, and Sept. 17.
• Approved a hangar lease agreement with Terry Evans, per the Red Oak airport Commission’s recommendation.

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