Budget approved for EMA

The Montgomery County Emergency Management Commission has finalized the county’s emergency management budget.
At a meeting of the Montgomery County Emergency Management Commission on Jan. 17, a public hearing was held to discuss an amendment to the current 2021-22 FY budget. Montgomery County Emergency Management coordinator Brian Hamman said the amendment was largely due to additional income raised over the course of the year.
“The amendment covers additional funding that came in that wasn’t accounted for in the original budget to include donations and grants in the amount of nearly $50,000.00. Projects included the 4-gas monitoring equipment for the fire departments as well as a portable generator/light tower unit.”
The EMA commission approved the 2021-22 FY budget amendment, then held a public hearing over the county’s 2022-23 FY budget. Again, Hamman said, no oral or written comments were received. Hamman said there were few changes to the budget from the one that was approved a year ago.
“The only increases were for salary, benefits, and health insurance costs.  Overall operational costs stayed the same,” commented Hamman.
The EMA commission also approved the county’s 2022-23 FY budget.

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