New construction underway at Department of Transportation site

The Red Oak Department of Transportation (Department of Transportation) facility is getting 6,174 more square feet larger with the addition of a mechanics bay, grind station, and wash bay.

Veronica Tolander, design team lead, architect with the DOT, said the age of the building and the increased size of equipment led to the need for additional space.

“Needs assessments are constantly being done to buildings across the state. For the Red Oak facility, the original building was constructed in the 1930s. Overall, additional space and functionality was needed at the site,” said Tolander. “A storage bay is currently being used as a mechanic’s bay and equipment is washed at a nearby location. This will make for a safer environment.”

The estimated cost for the project is $442,890. Of the two public bids received, Tolander said Jensen Builders, LTD was selected. She added the bids were very similar.

“A contractor is on board and mobilizing,” said Tolander.

The project is to be completed by the summer of 2021. The new construction will take place west of the existing DOT buildings.

“Based on overall needs, they are keeping the existing building and making a separate building on the same site. This will extend the life of the facility as a whole, so they can continue to use it for another 90 years, while accommodating ever-growing needs,” Tolander said.

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