Monumental discussion


A group of community members attended a special meeting at Fountain Square Park to discuss a portion of Red Oak’s Downtown Revitalization Master Plan renovations. 

The plan in question involves moving the war memorials from around the park to one location in the northeast corner. The meeting was led by Red Oak resident Carolyn Williams and Alley Poynter Maccietto architect Daric O’Neal. Williams has questioned the need to move the memorials. However, O’Neal said a great example of monuments being moved can be seen in western Iowa. 

“I suggest visiting Haymarket Park in downtown Council Bluffs. They reorganized all of their memorials and monuments,” O’Neal said. 

Williams said she believed everyone had their own ideas about what improvements needed to be done. 

“I agree there are some good things in the plan. But there are some things I disagree with and I know there are things that other people disagree with,” Williams said. 

O’Neal said he was welcoming of Williams and other community members forming a committee to discuss the plans and come up with an alternate. Williams was hesitant to see another committee formed. 

“People need to come downtown and walk the park. I don’t feel a committee of 10 people can make this decision again. That puts us right back where we started, and that’s how this first plan was made,” Williams commented. 

Williams reiterated she was also against the proposed Freedom Rock being included in a possible new restructuring of the monuments in the park’s northeast corner. 

“I don’t feel they fit together. If it’s being looked at as a tourism thing, it should be a display of its own. People need to let the park board and city council know what their feelings are,” Williams said. 

Park Board member Bill Drey advised the group that a $10,000 payment for additional work to the Downtown Revitalization Master Plan was on the upcoming park board’s meeting agenda at 5 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 8 at Red Oak City Hall. 

Williams encouraged anyone with concerns about the project to attend the meeting. If unable to attend, Williams encouraged anyone who was unable to attend write down their concerns and leave a letter at city hall addressed to the city council and park board.  




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