Library board hires attorney to fight contested will

The Red Oak Library Board of Trustees held a special meeting Nov. 12 to finalize the legal services of the Stuart Tinley Law Firm in upcoming litigation about money left to the entity in a will.

When questioned about the value of the estate, library director Kathi Most, said she had been advised the estimate could be worth between $700,000 and $800,000.

After being asked if the library was the only beneficiary, she replied, “The way that the will was written, the entire estate would have gone to the library at this point, but now the will is being contested by a family member,” Most said.

After discussion about the wording of beneficiary, Director Most explained the will was made out to the Red Oak Library Board of Trustees, rather than the library foundation.

Questions were raised as to the cost of the hourly rate of the firm, and whether or not the library budget could afford the services of the firm. Most clarified the services would be compensated out of the library’s memorial or sinking funding.

The trustees approved the Stuart Tinley law firm contract for representation of the will contest.

The trustees also approved making a recommendation to the Red Oak City Council for final approval, with the clear specification that the costs of the legal representation will be paid for out of library funds.

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