Letter to the Editor: Make your park view known Thursday


To the Editor:

According to a newspaper article last week, the Red Oak Park Board will be discussing the Fountain Square Park renovation. It’s going to be on its agenda to pay $10,000 to the architect to put the plan in place. This does not include any costs involved in doing the actual work. This would be “our” tax dollars at work.

Our parks are nice, but as I look at them, I see many improvements that could be made to make them more enjoyable. There never seems to be enough money for the “extras,” so I feel that $10,000 could be spent in ways that would benefit residents and visitors more.

I’m not addressing “the plan” at this point. First, they need to approve the $10,000 to the architect. 

If you have a viewpoint on this topic, now is the time to make it known. It will be on the agenda for the park board meeting on Thursday, Sept. 8, at 5 p.m., at City Hall. Watch for any change of time or location. Written comments can be shared or contact any park board member to express your view.

Karen Blue, Red Oak

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