Letter to the Editor: Alinsky’s plan in use


To the Editor:

Mr. Zanders’ comments in his letter (The Red Oak Express, Aug. 30) were right on the money.

I’ve seen Mr. Alinsky’s eight steps before, and it’s quite obvious that the American Left is trying to get them implemented. I was not aware that Mrs. Clinton had researched him, although I do note that she did try to take over the health care system in 1993-94. While she was unsuccessful in getting Hillarycare enacted, the Clintons did inflict the “tri-care” health insurance system, which is basically Hillarycare, on the military. Having dealt with it, I can properly claim it stinks.

The American people either are not aware of what the Left has been doing since Roosevelt minor’s administration, don’t want to admit it, don’t care, or actually think it’s a good idea. In my opinion, those who think it’s a good idea are mostly deadbeats and losers who can’t succeed in a free economy and prefer to rely on government handouts.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Clint has a lock on the election; I’ve been staying that for nearly a decade. Not because she’s the best candidate – she isn’t – and not because Mr. Trump is the worst candidate – he isn’t – but there are 300 million people in this country, and these two losers are the best we can come up with? I think the Left will be successful, and I don’t think this country has much of a future.

Bob Ackley, Emerson

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