Lensch is new food service director

The Red Oak Community School District has welcomed a new Foodservice Director.

Dana Lensch has been on the job since September. She replaced Mindy Riibe in the position.

Lensch grew up outside of a small town in Webster County by the name of Burnside, south of Fort Dodge. She graduated from high school there with a class size of 40. Lensch has been in Montgomery County for many years, and she enjoys both working and the outdoors.

“I have worked in various fields but staying primarily with the food service field. I didn’t move to Elliott until 2006 when I met my husband David. We have five kids between us, all grown, and five grandkids. The boys are 3 and 1, and a 3-year-old girl and 1 ½-year-old twin girls. We do a lot of camping during the summer and spend a lot of time with family,” Lensch said.

She added, while she has a good deal of experience in the food service field, food service directors are constantly learning. The state and federal guidelines are always changing, along with the way the school system likes things done.

“Making sure the kids get fed nutritious food is the primary goal. So far, my training has been a lot of paperwork, numbers, learning how the food service staff work, what their positions in the kitchen are and learning how to do things by the USDA guidelines right now along with the COVID-19 rules and regulations to keep everyone safe and healthy. And I will keep learning as I go,” Lensch advised.

The biggest adjustment being faced by her and her staff is the coordination of the program during the pandemic, and making sure kids attending in-person, or online, keep getting their meals.

“As far as COVID-19, Mindy Riibe and all the staff at both schools have done an amazing job adjusting to the way things are done now. It is a big adjustment and they had adapted before I got here.”

To help keep things running smoothly, Lensch said they made some adjustments to the regular lunch menu.

“The menu has changed for the time being back to the summer food program, which in all honesty has worked out nicely, but I do believe we are all ready to get back to the way it was,” said Lensch.

Lensch said she’s looking forward to one thing above all when the program can return to normal.

“I think the first thing I am going to implement when this is all over is getting the kids back into a regular routine of coming to the dining room to eat,” Lensch explained.

Lastly, Lensch said she’s looking forward to her experiences with the Red Oak District.

“I am glad to say I am part of the Dietary staff here at Red Oak Schools. There is a very dedicated staff here and am anxious to move forward with them.”

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