IWD warns of fraudulent website attempting to collect information from Iowans


It has come to Iowa Workforce Development’s attention that a fraudulent website that mirrors IWD’s claims portal is attempting to collect personal information from Iowans.  As a reminder, customers applying for unemployment insurance benefits should only file an application through the official IWD website: www.iowaworkforcedevelopment.gov  Any other variation of this link is not an official IWD website.  

Fraudsters are obtaining identity information from many sources, such as from fraudulent phishing scams and recent large-scale private sector breaches that included private information from millions of individuals.  IWD has not suffered any data breaches, but all claimants must be vigilant in protecting their identity.  Iowans are reminded to protect their personal information, sign in credentials and passwords.  Iowans should also take care to establish usernames and passwords that are difficult for an outside person or computer to generate.     

IWD urges Iowans to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity related to unemployment claims.  Indicators of fraudulent activity can include:     

  • A text message or mailing from IWD notifying you of a claim in your name when you have not filed an unemployment insurance claim. 
  • Any notification that contains information appearing from IWD asking you to log in or provides you a different website than the official IWD website. 
  • A 1099-G from IWD stating you have income from unemployment insurance when you have not filed for or received unemployment insurance during the last calendar year.    
  • A fact-finding call or notice from IWD when you have not filed a claim for unemployment insurance.    
  • Your employer notifying you of a notice they received that an unemployment claim was filed.    
  • Anything you may suspect as fraudulent banking activity.  

If you suspect fraudulent activity, contact IWD immediately by one of the following:      

Customers can also visit this website if they believe they have been a victim of identity theft: https://www.iowaworkforcedevelopment.gov/if-you-believe-you-have-been-victim-fraud-or-id-theft  Additional information is available online from the United States Department of Labor here:   http://www.dol.gov/fraud

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