CRHC installs little free pantry on campus

Clarinda Regional Health Center (CRHC) announced the completion of their “Little Free Pantry” installation over the previous weekend. The “Little Free Pantry” program sprung out of a grant application submitted by CRHC’s Dietitian, Kelli Wilmes, for their Junior Cardinal Backpack Program initiative. The grant awarded CRHC $300 from No Child Goes Hungry to start the pantry program.

Similar to the Little Free Library program, which has a few locations in the Clarinda area, where users can take a book to read or leave a book for others to enjoy, the Little Free Pantry is a way to collect or donate nonperishable food and personal hygiene items.

Wilmes states, “I loved the idea of the free little pantry. It is a way to help out others and show kindness. We have all had a time when we needed something. This is a small way to fill a need and also provide a way to share. You may need something one day but have extra on another day to share back with the little free pantry. It’s just a great way to support each other in the community.”

When asked how the community can help this program be successful Wilmes answered, “by giving what you can! If you have an extra can of non-perishable items, shelf stable item, or any type of personal hygiene or paper products, just drop them off inside the pantry. On the reverse side, if you or your family are in need, take only what you need and know there are people in the community looking out for you. Please remember the “Little Free Pantry” belongs to all of us and help us take care of it in order to benefit as many people as possible.”

The “Little Free Pantry” is installed on the Southeast side of the hospital building, near the helicopter pad. For more information on this project please contact Kelli Wilmes, at 712-542-6746. You can also visit to learn more about No Child Goes Hungry and their mission to eliminate childhood hunger and continue to tackle the problem of local food insecurity.

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