19 county non-profits receive $103,870 in grants

Numerous improvements are coming to 19 Montgomery County non-profits that received grant funding through the Montgomery County Community Foundation, working in partnership with the Red Oak Heritage Foundation.

Updated flooring for the Elliott Community Building will be installed with the $10,5000 they were allotted through the MCCF, while the Elliott Volunteer Fire Department received $2,000 for self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) masks.

The City of Villisca received $7,500 for City Park updates. A technology update will be possible for the Villisca Public Library with the $700 they were awarded.

Friends of Hacklebarney Trails Inc., will make trail improvements with the $6,500 award, additional member safety for COVID-19 will be purchased with the $5,000 awarded to the Montgomery County Family YMCA, and a Johnson Hotel display will be created at the Montgomery County History Center with the $1,000 they received.

The Johnson Hotel was located south of the Montgomery County Courthouse where Houghton State Bank is located.

“The Johnson Hotel was one of the finest hotels in the Midwest,” said Montgomery County History Center Director Dave McFarland. “Every major event was usually at the Johnson. During World War II, the Western Union telegraph office was there and when the casuality report came in, people would come and wait on the porch for them to come out, where the list of those killed or missing in action would be read.”

McFarland said they received the donation of an ornate, hard carved bedroom set that belonged to the manager and his wife.

“We using a grant from the MCCF to recreate the bedroom with the bed and dresser plus other artifacts from the hotel. We even have the fireplace mantel for the lounge area,” McFarland said.

The Wilson Performing Arts Center (WPAC) received $5,000 for Wilson Music Park.

Kara Sherman, WPAC executive director, said the funds they received will go toward a WPAC Outdoor Music Park, which will be located in the area in front of the parking lot. Construction on the park is schedule to begin soon.

“This will be part of our $20,000 project, so the funds are definitely needed and appreciated,” said Sherman. “The funds will be used for outdoor instruments for the park.”

Sunshine ‘N Rainbows Childcare Center will get new siding with the $8,650 they received, and technology access for all will be granted through the Red Oak Public Libary with the $2,500 they received.

The Red Oak Grand Theatre’s Expand the Grand project received $20,000. Board member Jeanice Lester said the funds will be used to pay for the new seats, with cupholders, screen, side panel drapes, and the speakers, amplifiers and loudspeakers in the new theatre room.

“The support of this grant will help the theatre reduce the remaining funds needed for the completion of our total renovation project,” said Lester. “We are very proud of the accomplishments of the theatre and the support of many in order to make this dream become a reality.”

Five thousand dollars was granted to the Red Oak Community School’s Playground with a Purpose and $3,800 was awarded to Sleep in Heavenly Peace for bed building.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace Chapter President Jake Johnson said the funds they received will allow them to build beds for kids in Montgomery County.

He added, they will be holding a build day with volunteers on Saturday, May 8, at Red Oak Mini Barns, just south of Red Oak on Highway 48. Volunteers are welcome and encouraged.

“All children deserve a safe, comfortable place to lay their heads. In Iowa and across the U.S., too many boys and girls go without a bed — or even a pillow — to sleep on,” said Johnson.

A Fish Habitat Conservation Project will be created by members of the Southwest Iowa Fishing Team with the $2,500 they received, while the preservation of Hallquist videos will be done with the $2,000 awarded to the Stanton Historical Society.

Chairs, tables and storage racks will be puchased with the $9,000 awarded to the Stanton Viking Center; Project Backpack was awarded $1,750; and Nishna Productions, Inc., will repair broken concrete at three different sites with the $4,600 they were granted.

“At two residential sites, the work is to repair/replace damaged concrete that is a safety hazard for our residents,” explained NPI Development Specialist Emily Martin. “At the Redemption Center, the work would include a base for installing a memorial bench and other work to beautify and improve the functionality of the site.”

Lastly, the Red Oak Child Development Center will purchase classroom/curriculum impact equipment with the $5,870 they received.

MCCF board members are James Norris, Bruce Swanson, Mickey Anderson, Kevin Britten, Barbara Reisinger, Donna Robinson, Kim Robinson and John Tischer. For more information about MCCF contact Stacey Goodman, Iowa Foundations Director, at 1-800-794-3458 or stacey@omahafoundation.org.

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