“Heroes” spring into action

Houghton State Bank, SWCC and ROPD have joined forces to form and nurture a talented group of volunteers who will don superhero outfits and participate at community events.

Red Oak Police Chief Justin Rhamy said the goal of the ‘Heroes’ will be to offer an outreach to those in the age bracket of 1-101.

“Through this outreach, ‘Heroes’ will suit up and attend functions, while acting in character. The outreach will be formulated to: Enhance people’s lives through interaction, foster/build relations between youth and local “heroes,” including first responders, teachers, civic leaders, business owners, and other, and promote the Red Oak/Montgomery County area as a progressive, positive influence in growing solid citizens and relationships.”

Initial Involvement Members will include: Kattie Lewis of SWCC, or her designee; Chief Justin Rhamy with the Red Oak Police Department and/or his designee; Karl Bormann with Houghton State Bank or his designee; and Brad Baker with the Red Oak Police Department.

The heroes are made up of Batman – Justin Rhamy; Thor – Justin Mann; Captain America – Pastor Will Brown; Optimus Prime – Luke Mellott; and Wonder Woman – Syd Rhamy.

Additional heroes may be selected if approved by committee. All ‘Heroes’ will be vetted by the committee for appropriateness to participate.

The committee will be building a social media platform. Social media will be the backbone of the start-up. Lewis and Chief Rhamy will be establishing the social media aspect. Any suggestions should be relayed to them for development. The initial plan will be to have a semi-active format that will include discussions between “heroes” and their inside support staff.

“For example, Batman /Mr. Wayne will have conversations on Facebook with Alfred Pennyworth, his butler,” said Rhamy.”

Rhamy added the Southwest Iowa Squadron of Heroes Hero Quad has a positive agenda in mind.

“We are trying to push forward with a positive message and outcome. So to maintain an agenda of this magnitude we would like to run all events thru committee. Not saying that Hero A, B, C, D or E cannot be the contact person for a particular event, but to ensure that we are promoting a similar image or agenda, we are getting the social media aspect of the upcoming event covered, and we don’t exhaust our resources,” commented Rhamy.

The Mission Statement of the Squadron of Heroes is as follows: “Affect a positive influence in one person’s life (hopefully a young person), and the efforts/cost/time will all be worthwhile. We may never know the result or the particular person we had a positive contact with, and that part of the equation does not matter.”

According to Rhamy, the heroes squad was a way for the people in the community, and in the Montgomery County area, to come together.

“We all at some time have felt the need for a “Hero,” to save us. This group is a way to let the public know that we have heroes all around us, and sometimes, we have the hero within us. Seeing this group of heroes out and about will give each of us the opportunity to look inward and perhaps the courage to find our inner hero,” Rhamy said. “That might be the courage to introduce oneself to a new job opportunity, a business wanting to start up locally, graduating high school or with a GED, applying to college classes, joining a service organization, dealing with loneliness, illness, or cancer, making friends at school or attending National Night Out to thank those that serve us and sometimes meet us at our worst but when they are at their best. Thus, make our little corner of the world just a little bit better. The positive opportunities for this group are endless. We just have to start where we are with what we have and that is what will make this a successful program. We are incredibly fortunate to have such talented individuals living and serving in our communities who will be the new “Hero Squad.”

This partnership was possible with the financial assistance of Houghton State Bank, Biggerstaff Trucking, the Heroes, SWCC and ROPD. Rhamy said they look forward to a great relationship with their new investment partners as they come on board for this unique journey.


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